Friday, March 7, 2008

Episode #7: Happy Birthday, Superman!

Superman's traditional "Earth" birthday is February 29, and, since this year is a leap year, "Happy Birthday, Superman!"
What about his Kryptonian birthday? According to several sources, it's the 38th day of the month of Erox, in the year 9998.
I searched the internet but could not find anything that detailed the Kryptonian calendar: how many days in the year, how many months, how many days in each month. the only information I could find was this forum: Several members of this forum gave the length of the Kryptonian year as 1.38 Earth years.
But are these Superman's only birthdays?
There is May 3, 1938, according to, this is the approximate date that Action Comics #1, cover dated June 1938, first was on sale.
Then there is June 18, or June 10, according to other sources. this is given as Clark Kent's birthday. It also corresponds to Kal-El's "Earth Day", or the day his rocket landed on Earth, to be found by the Kents.
The Key to Fort Superman, from Action Comics #241, cover date June 1958, not only introduces the Fortress of Solitude familiar to silver age readers, but also commemorates a unique celebration of Superman's Earth Day.
Editor: Mort Weisinger
Cover: penciller: Curt Swan, inker: Stan Kaye
Story: writer: Jerry Coleman, penciller: Wayne Boring, inker: Stan Kaye.

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