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Episode #83: An Imaginary Summer 2009 Part III: Lois Lane's Super Dreams!

The stories featured in this episode include the same plot device of Lois Lane's dreams. They come from different eras of Superman stories. The first one was from the golden age. Lois Lane -- Superwoman appeared in Action Comics #60, May 1960, published around March 16, 1943. The issue contained 64 pages. Jack Schiff was the editor during this era. The cover, drawn by Jack Burnley, depicted Superman bringing supplies and first aid to American combat troops. Jerry Siegel wrote the twelve page story, which was drawn by George Roussos. This story was reprinted in Superman: The Action Comics Archive vol. IV.

Lois Lane was accidentally hit by a truck while she crossed a street. Lois needed an operation which can be done by only one doctor, whose whereabouts are unknown for some unstated reason. Superman begins searching for this doctor.

Lois seemed to awaken after receiving a blood transfusion from Superman. She immediately recovered and left the hospital to return to the Daily Planet offices to file her news report. Lois discovered that not only had Superman's blood transfusion not only miraculously healed her, but had also given her his super powers. Lois sewed a sleeveless Superwoman costume, with a heart shaped S on the front. Her first super powered deed was to rescue a man who was being kidnapped. When she removed the hood she discovered the intended victim was none other than Clark Kent. He imediately recognized Superwoman as Lois Lane. She carried him to the top of a skyscraper to guarantee that he would promise to keep her secret. After she returned Clark to the ground she flew away and was captured by a super villain. Superman attempted to rescue her from the evil villain's lair, but he was also knocked out. Superwoman awoke in time to save Superman and defeat the villain, with enough time to corner Superman to propose marraige to her. Their super hearing detect a newsboy hawking a Daily Planet headline that promised to reveal Superwoman's identity. Superwoman is furious with Clark Kent, but she fainted.

Lois awoke to find Superman at her bedside. He had found the missing doctor, who saved her life, without having to shave a hair from her head. But such were the advantages of golden age comics book medical science.

This story was the first story of the issue. The other stories in the issue were:

Vigilante, a modern singing, motorcycle riding cowboy, appeared in the next twelve page story, Rainbow Over Crimeville. The writer is unknown, but the pencils are credited to Mort Meskin and inks by Charles Paris. Vigiante twice failed to stop the villain Rainbow Man from committing two robberies. After escaping from the trap Rainbow Man set for him, Vigilante captured Rainbow Man during his third robbery attempt. I guess the third time's a charm.

Next were the Three Aces who appeared in the six page adventure genre story The Lieutenant From Corregidor, drawn by Louis Cazeneuve. No plot informantion was available.

The fourth story portrayed Mr. American, as Americommando, in the eight page story Rations For Victory, written by Joseph Greene and drawn by Bernard Bailey. Americommando engaged Nazi troops while Greek resistance defeated German troops at the docks and liberated much needed supplies for a starving Greek town. Greek troops and the Americommando join to liberate the German town.

The fifth story of the issue starred Congo Bill in the six page story Jungle Justice. It was written by Joe Samachsona and drawn by John Daly. Congo Bill saved the life of the chief of an African tribe. A Nazi, who congo Bill was hunting, shot the tribe's sacred Jaguar and framed Congo Bill. The chief defended Congo Bill. When the Nazi attempted to shoot Congo Bill, the sacred Jaguar knocked the Nazi off of a cliff and Congo Bill was vindicated.

The final story of the issue was about the magician crime fighter Zatara, in the nine page story Styles In Crime, written by Gardner Fox, with art by Joseph Sulman. Zatara tracked a gang to their hideout after a robbery but was captured. He escaped from their trap in time to capture them during their next robbery attempt.

The second story featured in this episode is Lois Lane's Super Dream! which appeared in Superman #125, November 1958, published around September 18, 1958. Mort Weisinger was the editor by this time. Jerry Coleman wrote the story, which was drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger. This story was reprinted in Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow Archive vol. I and Showcase Presents: Superman vol. I.

Lois Lane fell off of a second story ledge in an attmept to gain another scoop for the Daily Planet. Superman took her to the hospital. While she lay unconscious she dreamed that Superman gave her a blood transfusion, using his fingernail to puncture his own skin so that doctors could give her some of his blood. Actually Superman had brought a pint of Lois's blood type from a Chicago blood bank.

In her dream she immediately recovered and changed back into her clothes and flew out the hospital window. She made a costume and used a red wig to disguise her identity as Power Girl, no relation to the current Power Girl in DC Comics. Power Girl helped Superman in some emergencies and then rescued Clark Kent from a power plant explosion. She followed Superman's example and gave Clark a pint of her blood, and Clark also gained super powers. But in her dream Clark was his usual milquetoast self and was still clumsy, even with super powers. He even managed to reveal his secret identity as Power Man when he thought he walked into a department store changing room to change into Power Man. He actually walked into a window display of one way glass, and the crowd on the sidewalk watched him change into Power Man. Power Girl flew away in disgust.

Lois woke up, and, after she recovered, she told Clark about her dream, and how she could now never suspect Clark Kent as Superman.

This was the first story of the issue. The second story of the issue was the ten page story Clark Kent's College Days! which was featured in episode #79: Happy Birthday, Clark Kent!.

The final story of the issue was the one featured on the cover, which was drawn by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye: Superman's New Powers!. The story was written by Jerry Coleman, pencilled by Wayne Boring and inked by Stan Kaye. This story was reprinted in Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow Archive vol. I and Showcase Presents: Superman vol. I. Superman found an alien spacecraft that was buried inderground. It exploded and affected Superman. He was able to project a miniature double of himself, which had all of his powers and left him powerless. Superman became jealous of his double, who became popular with the public. The duplicate died saving Superman from a kryptonite meteor, and his powers returned.

Next week: The first official "Imaginary Story": Mr. & Mrs. Clark (Superman) Kent! from Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #19, August 1960. This story was reprinted in DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories.

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Thanks for listening to this episode of the Superman Fan Podcast and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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